Predictive and preventive maintenance

– Early detection of faults in production equipment and machinery. Avoid machine downtimes and expensive repairs.

Process monitoring

– Temperature monitoring during production process, improvement of production processes

Quality assurance monitoring

– Assure the required specifications avoiding any thermal irregularity in your production process

Perimeter detection

– Perimeter protection and control


– Access control to premises

Fire prevention

– Early fire detection


– Detection of hidden and dangerous nocive gases leaks

Component inspection

– Identification of defectives zones in electrical circuits


– Oversee big land areas, access to difficult zones without risks to workers
– Surveillance, people detection in rescue activities, inspection of critical infrastructures, fire detection, gases and water leaks

Renewable and clean energies

– Oversee correct operation of solar panels
– Predictive maintenance of wind turbines
– Monitoring of movement and fuel distribution in biomass plants